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Archive: October 23, 2021

Our education system is strong?

Have you ever heard someone saying?


Maybe, Your answer is Yes. We, too, believe in it but is it really the truth when it comes to the conventional education in our country?

According to an article published in The Indian Express,

“In 2021, as many as 45.9 per cent of graduates are employable, a decline from 46.21 per cent in 2020 and 47.38 per cent in 2019, reveals the eighth edition of the India Skills Report”

Now it is upto you that which side you want to see. One statement given above says it all. And it says that our system is efficient enough to make employable graduates but somewhere it fails.

Do you know where we are actually lacking? It is the base of the education system. And it is not our fault. But it is just one of all the aspects of repercussions we bear for what our ancestral governments and policymakers did not take risk for. Our traditional ways of imparting knowledge was based on practicals and theories, as it was created to make an individual obtain his maximum efficiency. It was linked to more life and nature.
During the colonial period, our education system was drastically changed but it was happening gradually. The reason for the decline was their aim to govern. And the cause behind the sluggish speed of change were our roots. The learning grounds were shifting from an open area to restricted walls and now it was more about their aim to create a workforce which can perform the clerical jobs. That is how, India became more illiterate than it was 300 years ago.

Once Mr. Ratan Tata said that…
“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can!”

And the same is happening with us. Our mentality to become apt for jobs is so badly imbibed in us that we overlook the basic motive of education, which is to to educate our progenies for not just their individual ability to earn or make living, but it is also about creating the generation who can can develop the civilization alongside their personal growth.