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Archive: November 14, 2021

Some tips after ending up scoring average

We always pre plan For good outcomes but we failed to prepare ourselves in case we don’t end up getting into a good college. Below are some tips for the times when we when you end up scoring average that is 150 to 350 and if you are confused about your future ahead.

 We often see the average NEET scorers Get ignored because the only option they are shown is to drop for another year. But is it all they have?

 Maybe that’s what you have decided in your mind but let’s throw some light on the different options we have even when you NEET score is low.

  1. Don’t feel pressurized- This exam was maybe one of your dreams but everything is not meant for everyone and hence it’s OK if you couldn’t pass through it. enhance your vision and look around for other options
  2. Don’t waste your time- Invest your energy and time in things that can help you build a better future not in things where you doubt the result. Hence drop only if you think you can crack the NEET exam despite of the increasing competition in MBBS.
  3.  Don’t believe in illogical myths- We often have relatives telling us that doing studies from abroad is not worth because the MBBS degree has no validation. but is it the truth? No! it is just a myth, choose the right college and you will thank yourself for not trusting unreliable sources.

 Think about MBBS abroad- Clear up your vision and aim at universities with high FMGE passing ratio and WHO approved universities in order to acquire high class knowledge at an affordable rate without compromising time, energy and efforts of your child.

 with over 20 countries around the globe, get an admission in MBBS worth the money and time enabling your child’s overall personality development. thank you!