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We are a team of Researchers, Doctors, Academicians, Career counsellors and Consultants who work in the supervision of our Director, Ms. Vishakha Vashist. Our association with universities of different countries like Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tazikistan and Georgia etc., needs us to be updated with all the information about the education standards and lives of students living there.

And as we take the responsibility of dreams of deserving students, we do all the research related to the education in these universities, cross check that information with the associated doctors and academicians. Then our counselling and consulting team sit together and make appropriate plan by keeping in mind the academic background and budget of the students. And then only we serve you with assurance of safe, secure and affordable study of Medicine.



Food which match your taste is available. Our University mess serves Indian food. And they have option for everyone, be it a Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian.


Challenge of getting the Currency Notes are on us. We assist our students in currency exchange and manage the money in foreign.


Our consultant helps student to know and understand the best routes to reach the destination. We guide our student to book tickets.


Living away from home is not a challenge as the Universities have their own Hostels with over the top facilities/amenities.


Visa assistance is also provided by us. Our consultant helps student at every step in the process of getting a visa by sharing information about needed documents.


Students can always communicate with us through different means. They can call the people like Doctors, Professors and Administrative Officers who are associated with us at the University.


We at VVS, help parents and guide the student to take the command and get their dreams fulfilled. We do not promise to make the journey like a cakewalk but we can assure you that if you have caliber, you are going to make it. We are affiliated with some of the best foreign Universities and closely works with them to give you the best education and right exposure in the field of Medicine. Getting into the field of Medicine and becoming a doctor is not easy in today’s world. The profession is noble but reaching to the stage of being called a doctor goes through a long way. We help students and their parents to get over the hurdles. We make sure that you do not need to pay unreasonable hefty price to study MBBS and become a doctor.

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Our objective is to provide the best medical education in an affordable amount by best faculty at the World’s top ranked universities. Our core Philosophy is to provide the best to all those students who deserve and want to become doctors. And that is what our motto says,

- "Giving wings to the deserving"


Every student has potential to fulfil his/her dreams but in our times, every dream has excessively high cost. The bigger the dream, the higher the price. That price often snatches the right of a student to dream. Not just a student but the parents also go through the pain of shattered dreams. We often see that the deserving students ends up with compromised career and lives, which creates chaos in their life. There are multiple reasons for this chaos. In most cases, those reasons are Prerequisite Marks, Rank in the Entrance Test or Money. 

A student who gets the marks loses the seat because of Rank. And a student who get over the all these hurdles, stucks in the money matters.

So, in order to save lives of students and those who could be saved by these future doctors, we started a journey to eliminate the chaos from our society. With the motto of “GIVING WINGS TO DESERVING” and objective to provide students a world class education in the best colleges of top ranked foreign universities by expert teachers at affordable price. We curate all the needed information.

By studying Medicine at Universities in abroad student get exposure to different culture and people which enables them to understand that how things work in other countries. It opens for them the gates to establish a career in countries other than India too. VVS consultancy plays the role of bridge and guide to help a deserving student reach on the right platform to kick start his/her journey to become a Doctor.  In the process of guidance, we, simultaneously, run a program for our students to crack the National Exit Test (NEXT), to get the medical practice license by  National Medical Commission (NMC, India), beside their MBBS course.

We have a team of reputed Doctors and Professors of best medical colleges from Indian and foreign universities who work closely with us to ensure that our students get right education.