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European university faculty of medicine started delivery of academic services in 2010. Since then the faculty has passed several steps to achieve a high reputation and become one of the leading medical faculties in Georgia. The faculty has academic personnel who have both academic and clinical experiences. It has a well-equipped and smart physical and information infrastructure. We are proud of our student services as one of the most valued options for our students. Since 2010 the faculty has focused on international students as long as their number is growing every year due to high-quality teaching and memorable student experience. We have strong ties with several Georgian and international medical organizations and faculties and intend to strengthen our relationships in terms of internationalization.


  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of the educational program: Academic
  • Status of the programme – Accredited
  • Degree qualification: Medical Doctor, MD
  • Duration: 12 semesters
  • Program capacity: 360 credits


In order to graduate with a medical doctor degree, the student must earn 360 credits comprised of core or general education requirements, medical doctor major courses, and general electives. Medical doctor programmatic requirements are outlined below:

  • Language component-10 credits.
  • University compulsory courses-6 credits.
  • University elective courses-8 credits.
  • Speciality compulsory courses-296 credits:
  • Block of Life Sciences, Medico-Biological and Fundamental Disciplines (109 credits);
  • Block of Medico-Preventive Disciplines (16 credits);
  • Block of Clinical Disciplines (171 credits), Which also incorporates Therapeutic and Surgical training courses.
  • Specialty Elective Courses-10 Credits
  • Research Component- 10 Credits
  • Clinical Practice Component 20 Credits.


  • 1200 staff, with 720 professors and 142 doctors of Science.
  • 5000 students for undergraduate studies, 2000 students for postgraduate studies.
  • European UNIVERSITY has a sports complex, 2 Football fields, 2 Sports halls, Open And closed courts, etc.
  • Central hospital with 22 departments and 500 beds.
  • Hospital N1 and 8 departments and 140 beds.
  • Pediatric hospital with 26 departments and 615 beds.
  • A dental hospital with 7 departments and 40 Dental units.
  • A pediatric dental hospital with 7 departments and 19 Dental units.