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The numbers of quality educational institutes in Mauritius have increased considerably in the past decade. The ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology was established in May 2010 in line with the vision of the government of Mauritius to transform Mauritius into a knowledge-based economy.  This focus on the educational sector has witnessed Mauritius being popularized among international students for pursuing studies abroad. A lot of these institutions offer numerous programs and have state-of-the-art infrastructure available to its students.

Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC) in Mauritius

 The TEC to promote, plan, develop and coordinate post-secondary education in Mauritius and to implement an overarching regulatory framework to achieve high international quality. It also has the responsibility to allocate government funds to the Tertiary Education Institutions under its purview and to ensure accountability and optimum use of resources.

Affordable and Full-fledged Academic Course in Mauritius

As compared to the education cost in many other popular destinations, Mauritius provides high quality education at a very reasonable cost. Mauritius further promises comprehensive options to students in terms of courses based on their qualification.

Weather in Mauritius: Its never too cold in Mauritius. Its an island. Its humid in Mauritius and the temperature is mostly between 25 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius

Easily Accessible: Mauritius is conveniently connected to all the continents providing more room for daily direct flights around the world.

Safety in Mauritius: The modern approach of the booming economy enables its population to live in peace and harmony.  Mauritius bears a reputation of being stable – socially, economically and politically. People from other nationalities practise their religions easily without any external fear in Mauritius.

Active & Vibrant Economical Lifestyle in MauritiusThe excellent infrastructure with multi-cultural societies provides an exciting lifestyle for the people in Mauritius.  The best part is the affordable living expenses being as low as 250$ leaves a wide room for luxury living.

Easy Visa and Fee Payment to College after Visa in Mauritius: Students who wish to study in Mauritius and can obtain their visas without any hassles.  Moreover students can be relaxed and need not take the pressure of visa interviews – Yes you read it right, No Visa Interviews! In fact students need not pay their first instalment of Course fees until they obtain valid visa.

Intakes in Mauritius: Well, this is really a big benefit. Many Institutions have as many as start dates in January, May, July, August, September, November.  September is a major intake in Mauritius, as in most of the courses will be available during this month.

Strong Network of Community in Mauritius: To everyone’s surprise the major religion followed in Mauritius is Hinduism, followed by Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.  In short you can most definitely expect the secular environment we have in India.

Bilingual Workforce in Mauritius: English is generally accepted as the official language of Mauritius and as the language of government administration, the courts and business. The constitution of Mauritius and all laws are written in English. The Mauritian population is multilingual; most Mauritians are equally fluent in English and French.