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MBBS in Aruba for Indian Students 2021 Admission, Scholarship, Eligibility, Fees
Aruba is one of the safest destinations for international students to pursue MBBS, doctor  abroad being the exclusive and official partner to all the top medical universities at Aruba offers guaranteed MBBS admission without any entrance test. As all the medical universities in Aruba maintain American standards, various medical universities in Aruba are approved by the Medical Council of India, World Health Organisation, and other reputed Medical authorities worldwide. Due to aspects like world class infrastructure, advanced labs, best curriculum, good teaching staff and affordable fees made the Aruba a perfect destination for education.

MBBS Course in Aruba: Eligibility, Fees, Medium,

The module of the course follows the international standards as well as the medium of instruction of this course is in English, that helps the international students to a great deal. Students pursuing MBBS in Aruba are eligible to apply the employment test conducted by European Union and US as well. The Indian students can directly join the MBBS course, there is no entrance test and the fees is very cheap when compared with the Indian Medical schools. 


The Medical Universities at Aruba provide top class quality education at very low fees, most of the universities are equipped with advanced lab facilities and world class infrastructure that is comparable with the countries like UK, US etc. The Medical Universities in Aruba are approved by our Medical Council of India as well as the World Health Organization. Every university has Well-equipped laboratories, spacious library and well-developed classrooms. All these factors made Aruba a popular destination for education. 


Xavier’s dedication to upholding the highest academic standards has not gone unnoticed by many different international accrediting bodies. These recognitions allow our graduates to secure residencies and become licensed doctors throughout the United States and Canada.


At Xavier, students receive a quality medical education at an affordable price.  We also award academic scholarships for up to 50% of tuition. If money is a concern, then consider Xavier.

And Small class sizes mean that students will not get lost in large lecture-style classes. They have the opportunity to work closely with our faculty who want to get to know their students more personally. Our classes use small-group and team-group methods of teaching.


Xavier uses the same system-based integrated curriculum model as medical schools in the United States. This means that teaching medicine is organized by the systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular or respiratory system. Our curriculum prepares students for the future, as indicated by our 94% first time USMLE Step 1 passing rate. Students at Xavier perform clinical rotations at ACGME-certified teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada. This means our students have the advantage of the same clinical exposure and opportunities as the U.S. medical students. Our alumni cite this as an advantage when they applied to U.S. residencies.

Aruba’s idyllic weather provides students with calm surroundings to study medicine. The dry climate means it rarely rains, and the cool breeze means it is never too hot. Plus, Aruba sits outside the hurricane belt. It is also an easy location to travel to, with direct flights to the United States and Canada.