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Living away from home is not a challenge as the Universities have their own Hostels with over the top facilities/amenities.


Food which match your taste is available. Our University mess serves Indian food. And they have option for everyone, be it a Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian.

Currency exchange

Challenge of getting the Currency Notes are on us. We assist our students in currency exchange and manage the money in foreign.

Visa Assistance

Visa assistance is also provided by us. Our consultant helps student at everystep in the process of getting a visa by sharing information about needed documents

Flight ticket guidance

Our consultant helps student to know and understand the best routes to reach the destination. We guide our student to book tickets.

On site local Assistance

Students can always communicate with us through different means. They can call the people like Doctors, Professors and Administrative Officers who are associated with us at the University.

Director's Visit

Our director takes care of every student like her own child. To ensure that the student is living and studying in best place, she regularly visits the university to meet the students.