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Step Into a world of Academic Excellence

Selecting the right Med School is the first step towards graduating as a Doctor. The first year will be full of challenges but we can assure students of an enriching and overwhelming experience. When you are a  part of  Texila American University,  Guyana   (TAU)  you join the league of passionate individuals ready to grow into world-class physicians. A top Medical School and learning institution, TAU   —  Guyana promises every student an apt learning environment.   Every step that you take henceforth will contribute towards fulfilling your dreams of becoming a Doctor.

” I am a medical student at Texila and I like the University very much because the faculties are very good and well qualified. In short, Texila is the best with its quality of education.”

Ms. Abirami Saravanan,

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Vision And Mission

Why study Medicine at Texila American University?

TAU was established with a single vision and mission — to build passionate physicians who are confident, knowledgeable and capable. And over the years, we have been able to fulfil it with every new student who joins the TAU family.


To lead in advancing human health through best clinical care, innovative research and education of health professionals in modern medicine in a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking and creativity.


When it comes to opportunities and experiences, there is no better choice than TAU  in the Caribbean. Our mission is not only to help our students learn the skills required as medical practitioners but to use their learning to make a positive difference to the world they are living in. At TAU, we therefore work together:

  • To build healthcare professionals for excellence in the contemporary world of medicine
  • To create doctors with compassion for the poor and rich alike
  • To instil curiosity in mind for health sciences
  • To generate awareness in application of health science and wellness for the welfare of society
  • To provide a supportive environment of global learning and research in health and allied sciences, rising above the geographical and cultural boundaries

TEXILA Advantage

Why study Medicine at Texila American University?

Over the years, Texila American University has grown into one of the most prestigious International Medical  Schools in  the  Caribbean. Since its inception in 2010, TAU has remained committed to excellence in the education of future physicians globally. Our exceptional and diverse student base has   been one of our greatest assets for success, helping us to promote a culture of world-class learning and prepare leaders for tomorrow.

TAU is ranked as the No. 1 private university in Guyana. Our Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program is one of the most coveted and in-demand program for students aspiring to make a career as a doctor.

We are committed to bring out the best in our students  and provide a collaborative environment to nurture talent in the field of healthcare and medicine.                                                 

At TAU, we follow a curriculum that is at par with the best global Medical Schools. Over the years, TAU has been able to attract the best academic and scholastic minds from across the world, making us the preferred choice for international students desiring to study medicine in the Caribbean.

I am glad to be a part of Texila to study Medicine in the best Caribbean University and to pursue my career as a doctor. It’s like a Dream come true for me!

Karishma Rajesh Makwana,

Student Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Our Campus

Texila American University, Guyana

Welcome to your new home!

TAU is a sprawling, environment-friendly campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the capacity to hold over 1500 students at one time.

Additionally, to ensure student engagement and a lively environment, the Campus also has a student lounge and dedicated spaces for indoor and outdoor sports.

Moreover, in our efforts towards going green, we are working at getting 80% of power from solar energy.

Student Support

Campus Information

TAU-College of Medicine is focused on holistic development of the student’s mind and body. Located in the fascinating city of Georgetown, TAU’s campus makes student life enriching, by ensuring students can enjoy Guyana’s lively culture and maintain a busy schedule of academic and non-academic events.


The campus has provisions for outdoor as well as indoor games ensuring that a sound mind is complemented by a sound body.


The student base at TAU is diverse and of multi-cultural ethnicity. To promote diversity, we celebrate festivals of different cultures. It is with great pomp and grandeur that we celebrate our Annual Cultural Event and Graduation Ceremony every year, along with other festivals and events.

Student Life

At TAU, we encourage students to keep their spirits high by providing equal opportunities for academics and entertainment.

Program Details & Academic Requirements

M.D. Program Requirements


The 5 year M.D. program is designed exclusively for students who have completed their higher secondary in India with PCB, Math and English. In the program students study for an additional 1 year for Pre-Med credits. Upon completion, students advance to complete the Basic Medical Sciences course in the M.D. program.

Premedical Science: 1 Year

Basic Medical Sciences: 2 Years

Clinical Science: 2 Years

Curriculum Details

5 Years M.D. Program

At Texila American University we are committed to giving our students the best of modern education. The M.D. program is accordingly delivered using the flipped classroom model  –  a reversal of traditional teaching where students first gain exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used for assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion and debates.

Premedical Science


Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

Medical Terminology Communication skills Statistics & Pre-Calculus Introduction to Biochemistry Spanish Medical Terminology

Basic Medical Sciences

SEMESTER 1 (20 Weeks)                                                      SEMESTER 2 (20 WEEKS)

Gross Anatomy, Embryology & Imaging                               Neuroscience

Biochemistry-I                                                     Biochemistry-II

Histology & Cell Biology                                                      Behavioral Science

Integrated Clinical Case-Based Modules-I                            Integrated Clinical Case-Based Modules-II

Physiology-I                                                         Physiology-II

Community Medicine-I                                                         Community Medicine-II

Research Methodology-I                                                      Microbiology-I

Research Methodology-II



Infectious Diseases-I

Introduction to Clinical Skills-I Medical Ethics-I

Family & Community Medicine-I

Fundamental Pathophysiology for Clinical Medicine-I


Integrated Clinical Case-Based Modules-III

Research Methodology-III



Basic Psychiatry Medical Ethics-II

Introduction to Clinical Skills-II

Family & Community Medicine-II

Fundamental Pathophysiology for Clinical Medicine-II


Skills Development

Integrated Clinical Case-Based Modules-IV

Infectious Diseases – II

Clinical Rotation

Upon Completion of 2 Years of Basic Medical Sciences Curriculum, students become directly involved in the care and study of patients as they begin to work with team members caring for hospitalized Individuals.

Students progress through 6 to 8 weeks of transitional rotation depending on the location. Core Rotation Duration [48 Weeks]:

  • Internal Medicine (12 weeks)
  • General Surgery (12 weeks)
  • Paediatrics (6 weeks)
  • Psychiatry (6 weeks)
  • Obstetrics / Gynaecology (6 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (6 weeks)

Elective Rotations [28 Weeks]:

Students have the option to choose from more than 9 specializations

Tracks & Fees Structure


Designed with the goal to help more aspiring students from India fulfill their ambition,  at TAU, we follow a curriculum featuring scientific foundational learning combined with in-depth clinical training. We currently offer aspirants three tracks that cater to their career goals.

US Track with US Clinical Rotations

  • Inbuilt USMLE Training, USMLE Step-1 Pass Guarantee *
  • Core Clinical Rotations in Green Books hospitals across 15 cities in the US
  • Placement Assistance in PG Programs in USA with stipend.
  • 96% Pass rate in USMLE Step 1

US PG Medicine Track with Guyana Clinical Rotations

  • Inbuilt USMLE Training, USMLE Step-1 Pass Guarantee *
  • FMGE/NEXT Training (Optional – No Additional Fee)
  • Placement Assistance in PG Programs in USA with stipend.
  • 96% Pass rate in USMLE Step 1 India Track with Guyana Clinical Rotations
  • 5 Year Program + 1 Yr Internship in India** (MCI allot internships once students pass FMGE exam)
  • Priority in PG Admissions at Texila
  • 96% Pass Rate in MCI Screening Test
  • FMGE/NEXT Training (Optional – No Additional Fee)


General Fee Details

At the beginning of the application process, all students are advised to pay a one-time admission processing fee (In addition to the Application fee). Fees should be paid prior to the commencement of the semester.

Students can choose any one of the following modes of payment based on their eligibility:

  • Yearly payment
  • Semester wise payment

All students are responsible for transportation and living expenses. Fees should be paid to the University’s Designated Account upon the issuance of the Eligibility Letter by the Global Admission OPice of TAU located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Note: Please check with Enrolment Advisors for merit-based scholarships

Student Health Insurance

The Guyana Government requires students to obtain proper health insurance. Upon arrival, students are facilitated through the Registration Department of TAU to acquire health insurance.

Financial Aid:

Private financial loans are available through various financial institutions, subject to students satisfying their credit policies. For further details contact the financial desk through [email protected]

Tuition Refund Policy:

A request for withdrawals must be submitted in writing, authorized by the Dean-College of Medicine. If the student (into academics) withdraws  a2er the start of the program and before the completion of the  current  semester/  block/term,  and  has  paid  his/her  fees,  the student will be provided a refund, after deduction of the non-refundable charges and the completed

+ current semester/ block/term fee.

Application Overview

At TAU, we look forward to applicants who are ambitious and curious, talented and persistent, energetic and humane and passionate about being a doctor.

When our Admissions Committee reads an application,  it considers both the academic and the personal qualities of each student. We seek students who can bring a variety of experiences, backgrounds, interests and opinions to the campus. We especially appreciate students who like to make a difference in the world. Currently, across our programs, we have students from 26+ countries making learning at Texila an enriching activity.

Texila American University  College of Medicine admits students twice in a year – March & September. Upon a student’s meeting all eligibility criteria and submission of documents, the Admission Committee’s decision will be communicated within 5-7 business days from receipt of the completed application.

Following are  the checklist of documents to be submitted for the Admissions Committee’s


  • Online application Form
    • OPicial Copy of the Transcripts from High School / College / University
    • Admission processing fee with application fee
    • Valid ID proof (Driving License / Permanent Account Number (PAN) / Passport Copy)
    • NEET score (if available)  and 12th grade score

Students can apply online through http://gy.tauedu.org/

I joined Texila in September 2012 and graduated in 2017. It is a well-equipped campus with the best faculties! I enjoyed my studies and gained experience in clinical skills.

Dr. K. Faizan Basha, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Pursuing Internship at

Christian MedicaL CoLLege and HospitaL, VeLLore

Travels And Accommodation

Travel to Guyana

Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) is the national airport of Guyana and is roughly 41 kilometers (25 miles) from the capital, Georgetown. There are flights available from all Indian international airports in India to Georgetown.

Arrival reception:

Students are provided with free transportation services on arrival from the Airport.

On request temporary accommodation can be arranged for students who are traveling with their parents.


Accommodation plays a major role in the life of a student, especially when staying in a foreign country. Fortunately, the bustling city life and vibrant lifestyle of the residents of Guyana, makes accommodation affordable and comfortable.

Though students can choose and arrange their own accommodation and transportation, we strongly encourage students to spend their first academic year in our campus-managed hostels. Our Student Housing Coordinators assist in every step of the process making sure that the hostels are centers for recreational activities, safe and secure.

There are separate gender-specific hostels.


At TAU, we respect all cultures and understand that culinary habits, however specific plays a significant role in culture. Our canteen accordingly serves diverse cuisine, including Indian, Guyanese, American and Chinese.

Hostels offer the students the provision of cooking for themselves. It will satisfy students’ urge to eat ‘their food’ while they settle in the new country. Indian spices are commonly available and there are shops where they can get ingredients used in most Indian food.

I had completed my MD – Doctor of Medicine program with TAU and pursuing my clinical rotations at the affiliated hospitals of TAU in USA is an excellent experience.

Dr. Muhammad ALi Mansour,

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Student Visa Guildlines

When it comes to pursuing academic programs from foreign countries, visa procedures are necessary. We recommend all students to obtain a valid visa (the Registration department can facilitate the process). The following documents are required to apply for a student visa:

  • Copies of all passport pages
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Parent and/or Student declaration of finances for studying and living expenses
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Notarized records of the Academic Credentials
  • Letter of Recommendation from Previous School / College / University

“It’s been a great pleasure and I had a very good experience with Texila. Here in Atlanta, I am happy that I was able to complete my rotations.”

Dr. Aisha ALaa Mortagy

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

About Guyana

Guyana is the only South American nation in which English is the oPicial language. It is a sovereign state on the northern mainland of South America, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the south and southwest, Suriname to the east and Venezuela to the west.

It is culturally vibrant, safe and secure, with friendly residents and a landscape full of greenery and beaches.

Climate: Tropical

Capital and other large cities: Georgetown (capital), Linden, New Amsterdam, Anna Regina, Bartica.

Currency: Guyanese Dollar Key Attraction:

Kaieteur Falls – Kaieteur Falls is a major tourist attraction in Guyana. It is in Kaieteur National Park   in the center of Guyana’s rainforest. Watching 30,000 gallons of water shooting over a 250m cliff, allegedly makes this the world’s highest single- drop falls in the middle of an ancient jungle. Students can also visit Saxacalli beach, Turtle Beach, Botanical gardens, Guyana zoo during their stay


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